Dorin Comaniciu Keynote Speaker at Science Sessions March 29th Event

By UCSF ci2 team

Dorin Comaniciu is a renowned computer scientist and engineering executive who has made significant contributions to the field of medical imaging and artificial intelligence. With over two decades of experience in computer vision and machine learning research, Comaniciu has co-authored 350 peer-reviewed research publications and has been awarded more than 100 patents for his groundbreaking work.

As the Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation at Siemens Healthineers, the healthcare division of Siemens AG, Comaniciu has played a key role in the development of many of the industry's most innovative products. These advances have focused on improving the quality of care, specifically in the fields of diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, and precision medicine.

On March 29, following the UCSF-FAU scientific sessions, Comaniciu will deliver his keynote speech for that ci2 anniversary event, “Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, the Road Ahead.” He will share his insight on the collaborative rather than confrontational potential between imaging specialists and new imaging algorithms. As he has said, "Artificial intelligence is not here to replace doctors, it’s here to augment their intelligence and relieve them from repetitive tasks so they can focus on what they do best – patient care."

Event Information:

Keynote March 29th at 4 pm