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collage of 3D images, brain x-ray


The Center for Intelligent Imaging (ci2) launched in 2020 and is an institutional resource focused on applications of artificial intelligence and image analysis tools in medical imaging.


Using Intelligent Imaging to close the healthcare gap worldwide.

man with face covering working on a laptop
students being shown a 3D spin model


ci2’s mission is to cultivate an interdisciplinary and integrative environment to revolutionize medical imaging using innovative AI-driven solutions to address the most challenging unmet clinical needs, to provide collaboration for multidisciplinary academic and industry investigators, and to educate the next generation of leaders in medical imaging AI. 

What Distinguishes Us

Full Cycle

Full-Cycle Support

The Center provides support at each step of the discovery and translational processes.


Access to UC System Data

As a member institution of the top public university system in the world, our members are able to access extensive annotated images archives, massive image databases developed out of research studies and clinical trials, and domain knowledge at all organ and disease levels.


Resources & Services

  • 3DLab
  • Clinical Deployment
  • Computational Core