collage of 3D images


The UCSF 3DLab provides advanced image processing services for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning and response, and quantitative analysis services (e.g., RECIST) for clinical trials. The lab has a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art commercial software packages and cutting-edge in-house tools. Please get in touch with us about services.

Clinical Image Analysis Services

  • CT/MR image reformats segmentation and quantitative analysis for diagnosis and surgical/procedure planning.
  • A variety of standardized 3D image analysis services can be ordered in conjunction with clinical CT/MR scans through APeX. 
  • Development of new, customized 3D image analysis services in collaboration with radiologists and clinical providers.
  • We have specialized 3D analysis services for outside CT/MR imaging data.

Clinical Imaging Services

3D image collage
Computer screen showing images of x-ray bones

Clinical Research Image Analysis

  • Tumor response evaluation to treatment (RECIST)
  • Safety reads for research scans
  • Translation and clinical validation

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