Parul Verma Awarded An Alzheimer's Association Research Fellowship

Parul Verma, UCSF postdoctoral Scholar

The UCSF Center for Intelligent Imaging (ci2) is pleased to announce that Parul Verma, UCSF Radiology postdoctoral scholar, was recently awarded an Alzheimer's Association Research Fellowship. This award is intended to support exceptional researchers who are engaged in their post-graduate work and before they have their first independent faculty position and working in diverse areas of research, including basic, translational, clinical, functional and social-behavioral research. The title of her grant is "Structure-function mechanisms of neural dynamics in Alzheimer's disease."

"In this grant, I propose to leverage biophysical modeling of brain structure-function relationship using imaging, in Alzheimer's disease, to find markers of Alzheimer's disease pathobiology in terms of cognitive deficits and molecular pathology (amyloid-beta and tau deposition)," says Parul.

Parul specializes in computational neuroscience, network neuroscience, bifurcation theory, and chemical engineering. She is a member of the Brain Networks Laboratory, directed by Ashish Raj, PhD, principal investigator, UCSF ci2 member, and professor in residence. The lab focuses on understanding the mechanisms of healthy and diseased brains by applying computational tools to neuroimaging data.

Dr. Raj will serve as Parul's primary mentor, and Srikantan Nagarajan, PhD, fellow UCSF ci2 member, professor in residence, director of the Biomagnetic Imaging Laboratory (BIL), and co-director of the Brain Research Interest Group at UCSF Radiology will also play a key role throughout this two-year fellowship.