Second Annual Summer Symposium Highlights UCSF ci2 and RIDR Program Interns

By Valentina Pedoia, PhD
UCSF ci2 and RIDR Program Interns 2021

Earlier this month, the UCSF Center for Intelligent Imaging (ci2) and the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging hosted their Second Annual Summer Symposium. The event highlighted the diverse and innovative research that is happening within the center and in the department. The symposium is the concluding event of each organization's summer internship program. Thirty-seven interns including a mix of high school, undergraduate and graduate/professional students (including medical school) participated in the programs.

The Summer Symposium, held virtually due to COVID-19, kicked off with welcome remarks and introductions made by Andreas Rauschecker, MD, PhD and Valentina Pedoia, PhD, co-chairs of the ci2's Education Pillar and Matthew Bucknor, MD, UCSF Radiology faculty member, associate chair for wellbeing and professional climate and director of the Research Initiative to promote Diversity in Radiology (RIDR) program, developed by UCSF Radiology's Diversity and Inclusion committee. 

"Through mentorship, we can provide an early opportunity for students of diverse backgrounds to explore both radiology and AI in medicine as a career choice and support the next wave of innovation in our field," says Dr. Pedoia.

Each intern delivered presentations that included a three-minute pitch of the projects each had worked on with their faculty sponsors and respective laboratories over the course of the program. Thirty-seven scientific poster presentations celebrated the successful completion of the programs and showcased the breadth and depth of teaching and learning that the educators, interns and students achieved. The symposium concluded with final remarks from Sharmila Majumdar, PhD, executive and scientific director of the ci2.

Great work by all interns. It was great to see the results of your hard work and efforts, and we hope you enjoyed your experience as a UCSF Ci2 intern. And of course, thank you to all faculty PIs and supervisors who served as valuable mentors for interns all summer long.

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