Katelyn Hasse, PhD

Assistant Professor
Radiation Oncology

A quantitative analysis of biomechanical lung model consistency using 5DCT datasets.

Medical physics

Stiehl B, Lauria M, O'Connell D, Hasse K, Barjaktarevic IZ, Lee P, Low DA, Santhanam AP

Systematic feasibility analysis of performing elastography using reduced dose CT lung image pairs.

Medical physics

Hasse K, Hsieh SS, O'Connell D, Stiehl B, Min Y, Neylon J, Low DA, Santhanam AP

Safety-oriented design of in-house software for new techniques: A case study using a model-based 4DCT protocol.

Medical physics

O'Connell D, Thomas DH, Lewis JH, Hasse K, Santhanam A, Lamb JM, Cao M, Tenn S, Agazaryan N, Lee PP, Low DA

Estimation and validation of patient-specific high-resolution lung elasticity derived from 4DCT.

Medical physics

Hasse K, O'Connell D, Min Y, Neylon J, Low DA, Santhanam A