Rima Arnaout, MD

Assoc. Professor in Residence
+1 415 514-6411

Dr. Rima Arnaout is an Assistant Professor in Medicine (Cardiology) and a member of the Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute, the Biological and Medical Informatics graduate program, and the Center for Intelligent Imaging. She is a physician-scientist with a background in genetics, clinical research and programming, and a practicing cardiologist board-certified in multi-modality cardiovascular imaging. Improving the resolution and accuracy of cardiovascular phenotypes will lead to novel insights and therapies. Dr. Arnaout is currently developing computational methods to bring precision phenotyping to echocardiography. Her background as a physician-scientist informs the future scope of this work as a technology that can transform non-invasive imaging into a big-data tool for both research and clinical use.


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