3DLab Imaging Services Improve Outcomes for Patients Inside and Outside UCSF

By UCSF ci2 team

The 3DLab within the UC San Francisco Center for Intelligent Imaging (UCSF ci2) has, since 2012, provided advanced image analysis services for clinicians and clinical trials across UCSF, UC Health and outside institutions. These services produce critical visualizations to aid clinicians with diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical procedures ranging from liver transplants and neurosurgical resection to heart valve replacements.

The lab provides valuable services by enhancing traditional 2D images, removing noise and creating 3D visualizations of anatomical regions that are easier for interpretation. AI-assisted noise reduction makes structures clearer to see and color coding is available for easier interpretation. This ability to clarify information helps doctors improve outcomes for their patients and is incredibly valuable to patient care. The lab currently supports image analysis for over 100 clinical trials in the form of Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) measurements, which are used for quantitative assessment of outcomes and response to treatment. Clinical 3D visualization services are available upon request to anyone who needs them by entering Apex as a provider and, upon putting in the order for their patient, checking the "I want 3D service" box.

The 3DLab is comprised of MDs and biomedical engineers who are leaders in the field of 3D imaging services and who can provide a dedicated quality of service with a quick turnaround time. Their expertise and resources help radiologists with their most complex cases, as 3DLab has access to and utilizes the most advanced technology in this field. The lab also works with collaborators to translate novel methods to the clinic and provide the most cutting-edge tools to clinical providers to improve quality of service and improve UCSF patient outcomes.

The 3DLab offers many different services including image segmentation, 3D rendering, multi-planar reconstruction and quantitative assessments/measurements. The lab offers support for CT, CTA, MRA, CT/MR and MR exams for a variety of chest/cardiovascular, abdominal/pelvis, musculoskeletal and neurology services. Customers can gain access to specialized radiology reads including resources for tumor measurements for clinical trials, tumor evaluations and follow-ups, volume rendering and RECIST services. 

Customers can make a routine or regular order through the Apex system or may request special orders for matters beyond existing projects, for outside reading or urgent cases by using [email protected]. Hours of operation conform to regular business days and hours, with most service requests and deliveries not available on weekends or holidays. 3DLab has a case turnaround time of 1 to 4 hours for most cases, with more difficult cases taking longer than that.

Learn more about the 3DLab imaging services on the website.

A knee visualization provided by the 3DLab at UCSF.
A knee visualization provided by the 3DLab at UCSF.