Apply Now for ci2's Summer Fellowship and 6-Month Internship

By UCSF ci2 team

One of the pillars of UCSF's Center for Intelligent Imaging (ci2) is Education, and to that end, we are excited to announce that our internship and fellowship applications are now open. Through the Educational Pillar, we aim to provide expert training and research opportunities in areas of artificial intelligence and image analysis for applications in biomedical imaging. Take a look at these programs for high school, undergraduate and graduate students!

Summer Fellowship Program

The fellowship program takes place during the summer of 2023 and allows students to experience intensive hands-on research in medical imaging. Fellows will be paired with a ci2 research group where they can produce or contribute to publishable research. In the process, fellows will develop an understanding of how their potential career in academic research could take shape and will receive mentorship in pursuing the next steps of their academic and professional journeys. 

The program allows fellows to:

  • Work one-on-one with a lab leader to develop research in an area of interest 
  • Contribute as first author or secondary author to publishable research 
  • Receive exposure to and mentorship for a potential career in academic research 
  • Solve essential problems at the intersection of medical imaging and machine learning

For the summer fellowship, eligible applicants are high school and undergraduate students who have exposure to applied computer science, are interested in careers in academic research or plan to pursue graduate school. Over the course of the program, the fellows are expected to devote total effort to the research project.

Applications are open now until February 28, 2023. Learn more about the summer fellowship and apply here!

6-Month Internship Program

This program takes place over 6 months at UCSF's facilities in San Francisco. Interns can work closely with UCSF Faculty and researchers on projects that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning as optimizing tools to improve patient outcomes. Interns will gain exposure to cutting-edge science and experience working in a laboratory environment.

For the 6-month internship, interns will be matched with to a faculty project. Eligible applicants are undergraduate students or higher. The program will entail 40 hours of work per week.

Since 2019, undergraduates from across the country have come to work on research with one-on-one mentorship from ci2 faculty and researchers on topics covering imaging and classification of disease (cancer, fractures, COVID, etc.), basic research in medicine and machine learning, including the development of new datasets, techniques, and algorithms.

Applications are open now until February 28, 2023. Learn more and apply here!

Three students wearing short white coats talk in the hallway at UCSF.